More than 10% of District 7710 Rotarians attended the RI Convention in Atlanta last week, and our lives were TRANSFORMED!  We were INSPIRED by great speakers, moved to tears by generosity and courage, awed by the reach of Rotary around the world, encouraged to try new ideas, challenged to be better ambassadors for Rotary, and yes transformed by what we learned.

An idea that resonated with me was in-meeting service projects, presented by Amy Luckiewicz and Mario Portill from the Wakefield Rotary Club, in District 7930.  Mini-projects are held monthly or quarterly during the regularly scheduled club meetings.  These projects enhance the club’s impact in the community and most importantly effectively engage members and improve member retention.  Projects include:  labeling books for a dictionary project, writing Valentine’s Day cards for service members, and packing ‘warm packs’ for the homeless.  The in-meeting service events provide an ideal time to invite the media and potential members to the club.  The in-meeting projects have resulted in new members joining the club, as well as the creation of a new club membership category, ‘Service Member’, with a pay-as-you go meal structure and more flexible attendance requirements.  This was an excellent example of combining the two reasons why many people join Rotary—service and networking—into one neat, little package.  I’m going to explore this concept with my club!

Are you ready to be INSPIRED and TRANSFORMED?  Attend Rotary events beyond your club:  District Training Assemblies, District All Club Conferences, Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) and Rotary International Conventions.  Register for the RI Convention in Toronto 23-27 June 2018, TODAY and save $160 off the full registration fee.  Check out the promotional video of the Toronto convention.

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