I Feel Good!

Membership Toolkit–Step 2

In Step 2 of the Membership Toolkit, we examine the benefits of being a member of the Kerr Tar Rotary Club.  If you haven’t already done so, please complete Step 1—Contact List and develop a list of potential Rotarians.

People buy things and join organizations, not because it is logical, but rather because it makes them feel good, or in some way enhances their self esteem.  In this step of the Membership Toolkit, we will explore how joining the Kerr Tar Rotary Club (fill in your club’s name!) might make a person feel good!

Aspect of the Kerr Tar Club I feel good!
The Kerr Tar Rotary Club focuses on service projects in the local community… …which makes me feel great, because I want to make a difference right here, where I live.
The Kerr Tar Rotary Club only has 2 official meetings a month… …which allows me to feel proud about serving the community, without complicating my already busy schedule.
Being an active member of the Kerr Tar Rotary Club will give me opportunities to learn leadership skills… …in a safe and comfortable way.  These skills will help me be more confident in my professional life.
Kerr Tar Rotary has a low dues structure… …which means I can feel good about serving the community, and not have to worry about stressing the family finances.
Kerr Tar Rotary service projects focus on mentoring youth, reducing hunger and improving education. That is fabulous, because I have always had a passion for helping kids.
Kerr Tar Rotary provides new members with $100 and manpower to support a service project of the new member’s choosing. I’m energized about creating a project that solves a problem right in my own neighborhood.
The Kerr Tar Rotary Club offers informal networking opportunities… …which will allow me to serve the common good, while also possibly enhancing my business.  My boss and I will both feel good about that!
Kerr Tar Rotary is part of Rotary International, with 1.2 million members in over 200 countries.  Membership in a local club allows Rotarians to attend international conferences. I’m excited about the opportunity to meet people from other countries who are also committed to doing good in the world.
The club members are friendly, ethical and come from a variety of backgrounds… …which means that I will feel right at home and I’ll also develop empathy with those that may have a different perspective or life experience.  I will also meet trustworthy people that I can count on for sound advice.

Photo Credit: ©Rotary International – Monika Lozinska



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