Dangers of Doing Rotary While Distracted!

We have all heard of the dangers of distracted driving, and even of being a distracted pedestrian.  But what about the dangers of being a Distracted Rotarian?  As we discussed here most clubs have a lower ‘attraction rate’ than ‘attrition rate’.  That means that over time, the membership trend is downward.  If a club contains mostly Distracted Rotarians, at the end of the year, it is nearly certain that there will be fewer club members than today.  As discussed here, small clubs find it difficult to raise funds, perform effective service projects and identify future leaders.  What is the solution?  Be an Attentive Rotarian!  The easy to implement ideas below, will make being a Rotarian fun, support club growth and effective service projects.

Make Rotary a Habit

  • In addition to routinely attending meetings, develop a Rotary habit! At least once a month, invite your friends, neighbors and colleagues to join you at a club meeting or project.
  • Include a Rotary message on your personal social media account every week, or even every day!
  • Show your Rotary spirit! Wear your Rotary pin, shirt, hat or ‘bling’ every day.
  • At least once a week, share your Rotary story with a friend.

Create a BUZZ

  • Hold fun social club events frequently—choose an activity that is welcoming and encourages members to invite friends to learn more about the club.
  • Routinely schedule projects that are meaningful and supported by a public relations campaign.
  • Encourage club members to post information about club events to their social media accounts, each week.
  • Publicize all club events on social media, radio, print media, etc.
  • Use current, modern, active images in your club promotional materials and online presence.

These are just a few ideas on how to invigorate a club and improve your club’s attraction rate.  What are you doing TODAY to be an Attentive Rotarian?

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