Sometimes, the best decision is to move back home

The Kerr Tar Rotary Club made that decision and asked their ‘parent’ club to figuratively move back home.  The Kerr Tar Club, was chartered just over a year ago and is struggling with declining membership and leadership succession.  Therefore, they asked to merge with their sponsoring club, the Rotary Club of Oxford.  The merged club will have significant advantages, including a flexible meeting schedule and dues structure.  Importantly, the merger removes the burden of club administration and leadership and fundraising from the Kerr Tar members.  The expanded Rotary Club of Oxford will offer six, yes six, meeting times a month!  There will be four luncheon meetings at a restaurant and two evening meetings, without a meal, at a local gift store.  The meeting time flexibility and variable dues structure should make the club even more attractive to potential members.  The two clubs have similar interests for service projects, which will facilitate the merger and expand the effectiveness of the projects.  Members of both clubs are excited about the merger, which is projected to be approved by RI in December.  Follow them and find meeting times on Facebook here:

While I expect the merger of the two clubs to go smoothly, and result in a strong and vibrant club, I was not expecting to find it necessary for the Kerr Tar Club to ‘move back home’.  In upcoming posts I will reflect on the challenges and opportunities of starting a new Rotary club, and how I would do it differently, next time.

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