It’s PETS Time Again!


Pets, have been an important part of my life since I was a child and have included reptiles, fish, cats, dogs, chickens and guinea fowl!  This time last year, we picked up our new American Hairless Terrier puppy from the breeder.  I love Gracie, but she’s not the sort of pet I’m talking about.

Rather, I’m talking about President Elect Training Seminar, PETS!  Around this time every year, Rotary International begins training incoming leaders, from District Governors to Club Presidents.  Carolinas’ PETS is a huge event, with around 600 people from seven Districts in the Carolinas.  It is two days of all-out Rotary information, inspiration and fun! Gracie5c

In addition to learning practical aspects of leading a Rotary club, the over-arching message at PETS, to leaders at all levels, is to be prepared, have a vision, remain flexible and make it count!  The ‘Make it Count’ aspect has been top-of-mind for me lately.  I’ve been asking myself, ‘how can I lead District 7710 and encourage all 46 clubs to be better, to do more, and to enjoy the journey?  The 2019-2020 team and I are already working on several events to encourage fun, fellowship and Rotary learning. Additionally, we are exploring a BOLD project, to make a difference to the under-served in our community.  What is your vision?  How will you make a difference?  How will YOU ‘Make it Count’?

I’m excited to join my Rotary friends at PETS, for the sixth consecutive year, and be inspired!


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