How to Be An Inspiration – 4 Easy Steps!

If you could only grow tomatoes, but not peppers or cucumbers or flowers or shrubs, would we call you a ‘Master Gardener’?  Certainly not.

If your friend could prepare only one dish well, would we call her a ‘chef’?  Not likely.

If your music-loving colleague could play only one song, would we call him a ‘musician’?  No.

Why then, when a Rotary club does only one or two things well, do we say they are a ‘good club’?

According to Rotary International, vibrant clubs engage their members, conduct meaningful projects and try new ideas.  Vibrant clubs:

  • Conduct annual visioning sessions
  • Develop strong relationships among members
  • Identify and communicate club goals
  • Hold meetings that engage members
  • Conduct a variety of service projects that benefit the local community, mentor youth, encourage ethical business practices, create effective club operations, and support international humanitarian efforts
  • Have practical committees and procedures
  • Conduct effective fundraisers to support service projects
  • Develop leaders and have a robust leadership succession plan…

I believe every Rotary Club in our District in the “Heart of North Carolina” does some things very effectively, while perhaps only 50-60% would be considered ‘vibrant’ by the above definition.

Is it worth the effort?

For many Rotary clubs, becoming and staying vibrant will require effort and focus.  Is it worth it?  We are all volunteers, after all.

I would say it is absolutely worth the effort!  As a volunteer with limited resources, I want to know that my investment of time and money will make a difference in my community and beyond.  I want to be part of a thriving and highly functional organization that is attractive to new members with a variety of skills.  I want to be proud to be a Rotarian!  So, yes, for me it is worth the effort to be part of a team that strives to create a vibrant Rotary club.

How do we get there?

Many clubs have been doing things the same way for a very long time.  How do we change, to become a vibrant club?  How do we create a sense of urgency?

  1. Identify a team. Creating significant change requires buy-in from other club members, and their tangible support along the way.
  2. Conduct assessments and brainstorming sessions; develop a values statement and ultimately a plan of action
  3. Gather resources to implement the plan
  4. Join a support system with other clubs and tap into the vast resources of Rotary International.

In the case of Rotary District 7710, join the Be A Vibrant Club Intensive program, starting Spring 2019.  The Intensive will offer peer and expert support, coaching and encouragement as club leaders accept the challenge to Be a Vibrant Club.

In the words of Nelson Mandela:  “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less that the one you are capable of living.”

Let’s create vibrant clubs that embody the 2019-2020 theme:  “Rotary Connects the World!”POA-Together We Connect


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