Spring Cleaning–Its for Rotary Clubs too!

We’ve experienced our first blush of spring, trees are flowering, birds are singing, butterflies are swirling, and PETS (President-Elect Training) season is ending.

Now is the time of fresh starts.  For David and me, it meant spring cleaning.  Donating clothes that no longer fit, and wrenches for equipment no longer owned, removing clutter and organizing the office to be more efficient.  Fresh starts are invigorating.

What about a fresh start for your club?  While the club leadership team is crafting goals for the 2019-2020 Rotary year, every Rotarian can be involved in spring cleaning.  Look at your club from the eyes of a first-time guest.  Remove the clutter and clean out the cobwebs.  Let’s become even more inviting to current members, guests and potential members.

Rotary Spring Cleaning Ideas

Meeting Entrance

  • Are there signs to direct people to the Rotary meeting?
  • Are there ‘greeters’ to welcome guests, speakers and potential members?
  • Are there ‘introducers’? Seasoned members to help guests sign in, orient them to the meeting format and introduce them to current members?
  • Do members and guests use name badges so it’s easy to get to know others?

Meeting Room

  • Is the room attractive? What could you do to improve the general appearance of the meeting space?  New banners, centerpieces, fresh coat of paint, new meeting location?
  • How about traffic flow? Is it easy to find a seat?  Are there bottlenecks at the reception desk?
  • Are there cliques that are unwelcoming to new members? How can you encourage members (at least occasionally) to meet new people?
  • Does the sound and projection system fit the room? Is it easy to hear the speaker?


  • Is there an agenda or program to help guide the visitors?
  • Are the speakers or meeting activities engaging?
  • Is the Four-Way Test displayed so it’s easy to recite?
  • Is the program welcoming to all? Consider—invocation, fines, pledge of allegiance, songs, jokes, awards, etc.  Remember to explain details of events, awards and activities for newcomers.


  • Is club information readily available for visitors: club brochure, Rotary info, club newsletter?
  • Are members and guests encouraged to ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘tag’ and ‘check-in’ on social media sites?
  • Are current Rotary logos and People of Action images used?
  • Is guest contact information collected and used for future marketing campaigns?


  • Is there someone designated to help guests with food and drink?
  • At the end of the meeting, do you have an usher or membership committee member at the door to thank guests for coming and invite them back to the club?
  • Is there a formal process to reach out to members that missed the meeting, or may have challenges in their life?
  • Is there a formal process for thanking guests and speakers in writing for their attendance or presentation?

All members of the club can be involved in spring cleaning activities that make our clubs even more welcoming and engaging to guests and members, alike.

Let’s find those cleaning supplies and freshen up!

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