What Does Rotary Mean to You?

For many of us, the answer is both simple and complex.  Fundamentally, it involves connections.  Rotary is where I connect with my friends.  Rotary is where I’ve made connections to grow my consulting business.  Rotary allows me to do more, through the power of Rotarians locally and around the world, in partnership with The Rotary Foundation.  I turn to Rotarians when I need a resource or a professional service.  Rotary is woven throughout my life in amazing ways.

Looking at Rotary from the perspective of ‘Why am I a Rotarian?’ allows us to genuinely share the value of Rotary to prospective members.  I hope you’ll share the joy of being a Rotarian with those in your professional and social circle during Rotary’s Membership Month in August, and throughout the year.  After all, some even call Rotary the “First Social Network!”


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